What's Happening At Secure Dental?

Dental Implant Training

At Secure Dental, our top priority is to ensure the comfort and well-being of our doctors and patients. To achieve this goal, we provide our staff with ongoing training opportunities, enabling them to enhance their professional skills and advance in their careers.

During the month of March, our doctors participated in a rigorous two-day implant training program, where they had the opportunity to enhance and refine their dental implant skills through practical practice sessions.

Oral Hygiene Education

We are committed to equipping our community with the necessary tools and information to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

As part of this commitment, our Hammond office recently visited a local preschool, where we educated the children on the proper techniques for brushing their teeth and the importance of dental care.

Sleep Apnea Training

We are committed to providing our staff with continuous training to support their professional growth and ensure high-quality care for our patients.

Recently, in November, our doctors participated in a training program that focused on enhancing their understanding of sleep apnea and how to deliver optimal care to our patients.

Trunk or Treat

Our offices take pride in being a part of the communities we serve and enjoy engaging with them beyond the confines of our workplace.

This past October, we participated in local trunk or treat events, which provided us with a wonderful opportunity to connect with our communities in a more casual setting.

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